look healthy

12 tips on how to always be beautiful and healthy

Choose the most suitable tips for yourself and start applying them in order to look healthy and attractive.

  1. Use only high-quality cosmetics. Hypoallergenic, well-known manufacturer, only safe components in the composition – this is the description of quality cosmetics. Such cosmetics affect the body like a magic elixir.
  2. Change the cream often. Every few months, buy a new cream with different ingredients. Your skin should not get used to the same type of cream, it requires new nutrition. In addition, the cream should be changed depending on the season.
  3. Use serums. Intensive nutrition and hydration (depending on one or another of your needs) should be a must in your care. But apply the serum to your face 3-4 times a week, neither less nor more often.
  4. Regularly update your cosmetics. Make sure that your cosmetics are not out of date, and even more so if the expiration date has already expired – throw them away without any regrets. Remember that the specified expiration date indicated on the package refers to the product in its closed form; the cosmetics that have already been opened by you have a much shorter shelf life.
  5. Before removing hair, use peeling. If you peel the skin before depilation, the hairs will be removed more easily and quickly. Peeling can prevent unpleasant consequences. In order not to focus on one problem, alternate shaving and other methods of hair removal.
  6. Use correctors to mask problems. It doesn’t have to be a foundation. There are special green pencils that correct and hide redness, and pale yellow or beige pencils for dark areas. There is a very large assortment of these products. You can choose such products on various sites.
  7. Use makeup bases. They will not only allow you to create a more beautiful look, but also protect the skin from moisture loss and exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  8. Use cosmetic brushes. Their species diversity was not created to be used only for holidays. After learning how to use brushes, you will see how much more beautiful your makeup will be.
  9. Find your red lipstick. Nowadays, red lipstick is a must-have for every woman. But even if it was not so popular, red lipstick must be in your makeup bag. It makes the face perfect, the lips seductive and the teeth white. Because of this, any woman looks very attractive. It is important not to make a mistake with the shade and remember that there is a red lipstick for each color type.
  10. Use medicines if you have a skin or hair disease. If you have acne or hair loss caused by some pathology of the body, then care cosmetics will not solve the problem. In this case, acne should be treated with Clincitop Gel and male pattern baldness with Mintop Forte.
  11. Avocado oil promotes hair health. Once a week, apply it to your hair before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Hair will become elastic, moisturized and shiny!
  12. Don’t be afraid to change your hair color. Nothing gives you as much charm as a change of hairstyle.