diet and lose weight

How to prepare for a diet and lose weight

According to many experts, one of the most difficult aspects of losing weight is psychological readiness. Understanding how this difficult process takes place will help to achieve the result.

Initial situation

The task of losing weight is not easy, but it can be solved. Several factors that will affect the result:

Health status. Before starting to lose weight, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor. If there are chronic or acute diseases of the digestive system, many diets can be harmful to a person. And because of heart problems, there is a high probability of contraindications to active sports.

Initial indicators. If there is a lot of excess weight, the result of weight loss will initially be more noticeable than if a person needs to lose 2-3 kilograms. In this case, fat will be burned after a person gets rid of swelling and loses some muscle mass. You should be mentally prepared for this.

The method of losing weight. It is known that diet alone will not give the expected result. It must be combined with physical activity. To avoid stress for the body during weight loss, it is also recommended to take vitamin complexes. Some people can also take weight loss medications. The main thing is to choose safe and effective ones, such as Xenical or Vyfat.

Don’t be disappointed

On the forums, you can find similar messages from people who have decided to lose weight:

“I do everything according to the doctor’s recommendations. I follow a diet, I do sports regularly, physical activity in everyday life has increased several times, and there are no changes. The weight is not lost at all.”

In fact, this situation is very common. This means that the body is actively reducing the fat layer of internal organs. It is a very useful and necessary process. Such fat is more dangerous for humans than subcutaneous fat. An excess fat layer on the internal organs causes a number of the most dangerous diseases: diabetes, heart failure, thyroid problems and many other troubles.

Usually, the burning of “internal” fat is active during the first two to three weeks, after which there is a noticeable loss of excess weight. Be prepared for the fact that the weight will either decrease or not change for several weeks. Gradual weight loss is more the exception than the rule. Choose the optimal diet for yourself, or even better, just follow a healthy diet.

Fix the result

Do not forget – initially, during weight loss, the result is achieved mainly due to the fact that a person gets rid of swelling. Then a person burns fat, which is hormonally active. Because of this, the body is under prolonged stress. Therefore, in case of overeating, after the end of the diet, a situation familiar to many occurs – a person very quickly gains weight again.

Why is this happening? The answer has long been known. The body accumulates fat cells in case of subsequent starvation. Therefore, sometimes it is much more difficult to maintain a result than to achieve it.