anger and agressive

Products that cause anger and aggression

Do you feel angry and irritable more often than before? Are you in a bad mood for no reason? Your diet may be the cause of increased agitation and aggression. Let’s consider products that can provoke aggression and anger.


This is a popular liquid stimulant. Coffee is one of the most interesting products, because it can be both useful and harmful. When you drink too much coffee (and the dose is not the same for different people, because people tolerate coffee differently), it can cause an increase in heart rate, as well as increase blood pressure and stress levels. This happens because caffeine blocks receptors for the sedative adenosine, which increases sensitivity to other, more active and energetic neurotransmitters. Unfortunately, because of this, a very large amount of coffee can provoke such troubles as increased anxiety and nervousness. However, a lack of coffee (for example, if you are used to drinking it every morning) is also a cause of aggressive behavior. Try to reduce your dependence on coffee and caffeine by reducing your consumption of this drink gradually. Thanks to this, your mood will normalize after a few weeks.

Unhealthy fats

Researchers have found that the consumption of trans fats negatively affects fat metabolism in the brain, which leads to aggressive behavior. In particular, trans fats interfere with the absorption of Omega-3 fatty acids. Since there is a lack of Omega-3 (and too much Omega-6) in the diet of a modern person, this causes a malfunction in the body, which manifests itself in the form of anger and anxiety. In addition, trans fats provoke inflammation in the body, which does not contribute to improving your mood. Avoid fast food and choose whole grain products instead. So, eat healthy food and store it properly, thanks to this, your mood will improve.

No-Carb Diet

As mentioned above, the diet can make a person more irritable and aggressive than usual. Kicking the bad habit of overeating might be a good idea, but if you’re not giving your body the nutrients it needs, you won’t feel great. Eating too few carbohydrates, such as in a paleo or no-carb diet, can cause mood swings. Some people, especially women, cannot feel good on a low-carb diet. Pay attention to your energy level. If you’re on a diet but feel lethargic, jittery, and tired, chances are you’re not getting enough carbs. A bad mood is your body’s way of telling you about its needs.

Too much sugar

Do you often like to eat cake? And has it ever happened that after a while you felt so irritated that you couldn’t even communicate with other people? This could be because you have been consuming too much sugar.

If diet changes do not help to get rid of bad moods, you are still aggressive, see your general practitioner or psychotherapist, because this can be a symptom of serious diseases, for example, bipolar disorder, in which case it is not a diet that is needed, but taking medications, such as Respidon or Risperdal.