What habits should I leave last year?

There is very little time left until the New Year, so you should think about which habits prevail in your life, how good they are for a health, assess the degree of their need, determine which ones need to be saved, and which ones are better to part with.

So, since health is the unshakable foundation of the human body, then you need to start with the establishment of habits aimed at maintaining it. It’s worth recognizing that some habits are not at all healthy. Therefore, it is time to conduct a clear analysis of the habits, to define priorities, to outline a line of progress towards the goal and to follow this in the new year, while staying in a cheerful, healthy mood and body.


First of all, it is important to understand that a balanced diet is the key to health. Do not terrorize yourself with exhausting diets. This will give only a short-term effect. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, the body will compensate the lost kilograms with a margin. It is more advisable to develop a balanced diet with the help of a qualified specialist. Its basis should be quality products. The content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet must correspond to the number of calories needed to maintain the body’s energy balance. Naturally, seasonal vegetables and fruits should be present in it. If for some reason this cannot be done, you should pay attention to high-quality vitamin-mineral supplements, such as Chela-Ferr Forte, Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte, Menevit. Competent and rational diet can help to avoid many negative physical and psychological shocks of the body. It is important and fundamentally to refuse eating junk food, replacing it with a balanced and rational diet.


Also, it is very good idea to take a closer look at the habit of using antibacterial soap. Regularly using of this type soap, you can get a violation of the bacterial balance of the body. Once in extreme conditions, body does not have enough strength of his own to cope with unfavorable environmental conditions. Bacterial resistance is crucial for the productive functioning of all organ systems.


Few people pay attention to the quality of sleep and rest. And, nevertheless, the habit of giving preference to good rest and sleep will be an excellent guarantee of continued enthusiasm and productive work. It’s hard enough to wake up active on an uncomfortable mattress and pillow. Too soft or too hard variants are not acceptable for a proper healthy sleep. Everything should be in moderation. In this regard, it is much more productive to give preference to orthopedic models.

For a quality rest, the surrounding space is important. Discarding old things that are no longer in use will significantly expand the space – more light, more freedom. You can add pleasant aromatic oils. Rest, enjoying the wonderful effect of aromatherapy, will become more effective.

Silence is equally important. Before you start your rest, you should make sure that there are no things in the room that could disturb peace.