How to force yourself not to overeat?

Sometimes you want to eat something harmful, such as chips or caramel candies. At such moments, diets, prohibitions, rules and promises are often forgotten. Of course, sometimes you can and should pamper yourself with something special, if you really want it. The main thing is not to torment yourself, saying “how can I eat it”, “it’s so harmful”, but to get real pleasure from food. But what if such attacks of insatiable hunger happen almost every other day? Or, as often happens in the second half of the female cycle, literally every hour?

Overeating can also be a problem in a state of stress, with negative emotions or during a strict diet. The body is trying to mitigate all these negative vital moments with food. Because when we are full, serotonin is released, this improves mood and is considered a hormone of happiness. That is, it turns out that we eat for mood, even when our body does not need nutrition. And so, imperceptibly for us, the body accumulates more and more weight.

There are many ways to avoid overeating:


Distract yourself for a while

As a rule, uncontrolled hunger lasts only a few minutes. If you feel hungry when you shouldn’t feel it, distract yourself for a while with something. You will see that after 10-15 minutes you will completely forget that you wanted to eat.


Do not use a sugar substitute

When sugar is consumed, the body begins to produce insulin to reduce blood sugar. If we use a sugar substitute, the body thinks that it receives sugar and produces insulin. But since sugar does not actually enter the stomach, the body needs to get rid of insulin. To do this, it throws out the insulin antagonist – the hormone glucagon, that increase blood sugar. As a result of these processes, you experience insatiable hunger!


If you are attracted to sweets, brush your teeth.

Mouth hygiene can reduce rampant hunger. And the mint flavor of toothpaste or mouthwash neutralizes cravings for sweets.


Listen to your body

Sometimes the body lacks some elements, and then it signals this. Listen to yourself when you are hungry. Perhaps the body is just under stress, or maybe something is really missing!


Let yourself chocolate

If you can’t get rid of the feeling of insatiable hunger, allow yourself a small piece of chocolate. Most importantly, try to really enjoy it! In this case, the higher the cocoa content in chocolate, then it is better.

If you made a homemade cake, then you can eat it in small portions.


Drink plenty of water

The best remedy for overeating is water! Drink a glass of water every time you feel hungry. On average, about 2 liters of water should be drunk per day. In addition, water is very useful for cleansing the body. It is best to drink warm water (or herbal tea) in small sips.


Eat regularly

If you eat nothing or little during the day, the body reacts in the evening with uncontrolled hunger. Therefore, try to eat regularly without missing a meal.