How to recover after the holidays?

Holidays affect not only the increase in waist size, but also on the general well-being of the body. Indeed, often during the holidays people abuse not only food, but also alcohol and other excesses that adversely affect their general well-being. That is why, on the eve of the last holidays, you should think about what measures should be taken in order to recover as quickly as possible. Thanks to the timely adoption of the necessary measures, a person will easily and quickly return to duties and will be able to easily begin to fulfill his duties, both at work and at home.


Everything must be on time

Of course, prevention has always been better than cure. Therefore, you should maximally protect yourself from unpleasant symptoms in advance. It is best to refuse to take excess, both in food and in alcohol drinks. However, this is not always possible. In this case, you should protect the body by taking an absorbent or enzyme (such as Creon 10000) in advance. This act will not be difficult, but overeating and excessive alcohol consumption will not cause morning sickness, and taking these medicines will help the body more easily tolerate the stress of excess food and will make it easy and efficient to cope with the digestion process.



However, if it’s already too late for prevention, then one should not delay with treatment of “holiday ailments”. For this, the following activities should be carried out systematically:

  • We put in order the diet. Eating should be limited to three to five meals, while the serving size should be no more than what can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Healing water. Not juice, not coffee, namely ordinary water. You should drink more than usual, because the  body will need a much larger amount of liquid to recover, additional water will also help to quickly cleanse the body of toxins and alcohols. It is best to drink warm lemon acidified water.
  • What to eat? It should be taken as healthy food as possible; these are vegetables and fruits, herbs, oatmeal, cereals and lean meat in small quantities. The body should rest after heavy holiday dishes and replenish the expended reserves of energy and useful trace elements, so you can additionally take the vitamin complex. Vitamin complexes that purposefully assist the liver, such as Hepaplus, will be a very good option.
  • Restart. It is mandatory to choose one day for a complete unloading, it is best if this day is a day off; it is easier to handle at home. On this day, you can only drink lemon and plain water. Food should be discarded completely. The body, for the further normalization of the work of all organs and systems, simply needs to be given a rest.
  • Sport. “Throwing” yourself into the pool is not worth it, because sharp loads are very harmful for the tired body after the holidays. But you can and even need to start with morning exercises and light gymnastics.