dental health

Tips for dental health

The causes of dental diseases are very different. Ignoring the rules that promote dental health leads to such cases in which treatment is either impossible or very expensive, and pain during the procedures cannot be avoided. In addition, almost every person dreams of having white teeth and a perfect smile. Therefore, in order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to follow the basic rules for protecting teeth from negative factors that can affect them.

Such rules can be divided into several points. It is worth following all of them to achieve the desired result:

Daily tooth brushing

Everyone knows that dental health deteriorates significantly due to lack of hygiene. About twenty types of bacteria, the so-called staphylococci and streptococci, feed on leftover food. They secrete lactic acid, which destroys tooth enamel. Toothpaste removes plaque and food, neutralizes lactic acid, thereby strengthening enamel. It is important to brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating, because otherwise the enamel is damaged due to the effect of acid. For children, it is recommended to buy special toothpaste, for example, Cheerio Gel. The gel contains ingredients designed to prevent tooth decay and the formation of bacteria on the surface of the teeth. It does not contain many synthetic compounds and is specifically designed with the health of the child in mind.

It is also recommended to rinse the oral cavity with warm water after eating. As for the method of cleaning, there are many opinions about how to do it correctly. However, it is still considered correct to brush the teeth, starting from the root and up. Moreover, the duration should be from two to three minutes, because the protective layer of enamel is damaged with longer brushing.

Regular visits to the dentist

Many people do not like to visit dentists since childhood, so not everyone has the desire to seek help or go for a check-up at a dentist in adulthood. However, modern technologies are developing significantly in dentistry. Thanks to this, a visit to the dentist may not be as “terrible” as before, because not only high-quality equipment is being developed, but also effective painkillers, which makes the visit to the doctor almost painless. Even tooth extraction may not be as painful as before. Before visiting the dentist, you can also take a pain reliever, for example, Brufen-400. The medication prevents the actions of hormones that cause swelling, pain, or irritation.

A dental check-up is recommended twice a year. Such a visit prevents problems before they develop, which contributes to the preservation of dental health, as well as saving money and preventing stress.

Hygiene of the entire oral cavity

The fact is that bacteria are located not only on the teeth, but also in other parts of the mouth, so it is necessary to clean the tongue with special brushes and solutions that freshen the breath and remove bacteria. Among them there are also many high-quality, newest products.