Kids and sports: how to choose a cream for skin after workouts

Does your son or daughter play sports? Therefore, their skin needs special care that will protect it from dryness and odor.

Sports training enhances the health of the child, shapes the right posture, and adds confidence. However, it should be borne in mind that during training in the case of active sweating the skin becomes dry. Therefore, not only vitamins but also properly selected creams are needed to maintain health. It is especially important to moisturize the skin after swimming in the pool because of the risk of irritation and feeling of tightness.

Even a healthy young athlete’s skin needs care. It increases the resistance of the skin to the effects of sweat, water, and weather, moisturizing and softening it. Some creams are applied before sports, and others – after training on pre-cleaned skin.

Creams for children

Most often, while playing sports, baby skin dries, and in this case, must be used moisturizing creams. Other varieties of such remedies are used during irritation, inflammation and to protect against adverse weather.

Varieties of creams:

  • Moisturizing;
  • Universal;
  • Soothing;
  • Protective.

In case of dry skin, it is advisable to use a moisturizer before training. It will relieve tightness and discomfort by giving the skin smoothness. But keep in mind that only creams with light texture are suitable for children, which do not clog pores and do not interfere with sweating.

The cream can also be applied after exercise when the child has already taken a shower. Thanks to the expanded pores, the nutrients better absorbed by the skin.

Moisturizers include glycerol, herbal extracts, and essential oils. It can also include vitamins A and E, antioxidants and minerals. All of these components restore the skin’s natural water balance. Moisturizing creams are especially useful after a workout in a pool where the skin suffers from the irritating effect of chlorine.

Universal cream

For moisturizing, you can apply universal creams that also soften the skin. The universal creams include natural ingredients. It is maybe chamomile, fennel extract or sesame oil.

Soothing cream

In the case of irritation and inflammation of the skin after training use creams with soothing effect. They contain panthenol, zinc oxide and components with antibacterial properties that promote healing. In particular, there are very effective creams with shea butter, chamomile and calendula extracts.

Protective cream

If the child is engaged in winter sports, he should use a protective cream. It is necessary to prevent skin dehydration and rapid drying of skin fat due to wind. In addition, severe frost can cause allergic reactions.

Such creams contain many fatty substances, some of which penetrate into the stratum corneum, while others cover its surface with an impermeable film, protecting it from the wind.

The protective barrier is not washed away by snow or clothes. In this way, these creams prevent dehydration and frostbite without breaking the sweating and breathing of the skin.

Protective creams include beeswax, paraffin, rose or thermal water, as well as highly purified components. They may also contain calendula, avocado or almond oil extracts.