6 good reasons to eat salads daily

Salads are very affordable, always easy to make at home with your own hands, order delivery or order at any restaurant. Since salads have numerous health benefits, consuming a portion of fortified herbs every day, you can provide the body with useful and necessary substances. However, many people consider that this food is not very nutritious, preferring more high-calorie dishes containing large amounts of protein, fat and sugar.

In addition to the great taste of such dishes as salads, their pleasant texture, color and aroma, eating of a variety of salads helps to make a significant contribution to the prevention of various diseases and rapid aging, to combat the danger of obesity and to provide a regular burst of energy. All this has a beneficial effect on the processes of tissue regeneration and prevents the aging of the body. Nutritionists, in turn, give other weighty arguments in favor of the regular addition of salads to the daily diet. This article presents 6 reasons why you should eat salads every day.

  1. A natural source of fiber.

Greens and raw vegetables are an excellent source of natural fiber, which you just need to get in sufficient quantities every day. It helps to control the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, normalize the digestive system and have a preventive effect against the appearance of various diseases.

  1. The nutritional properties.

The claim that vegetables are important for health and well-being cannot be called new or original. Scientists at Harvard have long confirmed that a diet rich in similar foods can normalize blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and prevent certain types of cancer, and also help control appetite.

  1. Salads help control weight.

Fiber-rich salads are, first of all, an important component of the diet, which helps to reduce the consumption of excess calories, which, by itself, can be considered an extremely important result.

  1. A source of healthy fats.

By adding just a couple of tablespoons of fried or raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin, sesam, flax or chia to a salad, you can significantly increase your daily intake of healthy fats. Experiments with the addition of various cold-pressed vegetable oils can also contribute to this. Among other things, adding avocados rich in healthy fats to salads will provide the body with lutein and other valuable substances. Well, do not forget about nuts (such as walnut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, brazil nuts, macadamia).

  1. Strengthening bones.

Now many people, and especially women, suffer from a lack of vitamin K in bone tissue. In turn, a deficiency of such a substance causes a shortage of other mineral components. You can make salads with arugula, lettuce, various varieties of cabbage, celery and other herbs and green vegetables, which are a great source of Vitamin K.

  1. Eye protection.

Carotenoids contained in the green leaves of plants such as spinach and other green leafy vegetables help the eyes to adapt when moving from bright light to dark and vice versa and also protect them from the formation of an excess of harmful free radicals.