6 factors that negatively affect the back

People sometimes do not notice how some quite ordinary habits negatively affect health. One of the most vulnerable organs in the modern lifestyle is the spine. What factors harm your back? Let’s find out!

  1. Postural dysfunction

It is posture that most affects the health of the back, but since it is constantly difficult to keep it in good condition constantly, many people forget about it. Ideal posture should be straight, without strong deflection. One of the best methods to get used to it is to put a book on your head or stand for a couple of minutes near a straight surface, pressing against it with your whole back. When good posture becomes a habit, keeping it will become easier.

  1. A sedentary lifestyle

Many people think that sitting with good posture can protect them from back problems, but actually sitting creates extra pressure on the sacrum and intervertebral discs, and losing up to 10% of the fluid necessary for the normal functioning of the back. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the spine, when sitting for a long time, you need to pause for walk. If you have problems with your back, then you should consult a specialist a specialist who will help you choose the specific exercises and prescribe the necessary medication (for example, Apo-Diclo, Arthroblock forte or Brufen).

  1. Improper weight lifting

Often, out of ignorance, people lift weights, leaning down and forward, which creates a strong load on the lumbar and, as a result, can lead to constant pain or even a hernia. Correctly lift weight by crouching and transferring your own weight to the legs.

  1. Long use of phones and tablets

Many people, while reading something on the phone or tablet, do not notice how slowly they tilt their heads closer to screen for better see what is written. The head weighs about five kilograms and with such a long tilt creates strong pressure on the cervical vertebrae. Therefore, when using the phone for a long time, care must be taken not to tilt your head.

  1. Bad shoes

Shoes with a flat sole or high heel with prolonged wear deform the arch of the foot, which leads to a violation of the support function of the legs. At the same time, the back takes on part of the load from the legs. To avoid this, you need to choose high-quality shoes that repeat the correct shape of the foot.

  1. Too soft mattress

When a person sleeps on a soft mattress, body “falls through”, taking the wrong shape for sleep, which leads to a curvature of the spine. By choosing a stiffer mattress, you can protect your back.

Back problems are dangerous because they often appear in an already chronic form, so they are easier to prevent than to treat. One of the most effective ways is to fight habits that harm your back.