cardiovascular system

4 tips for the health of the cardiovascular system

  1. Do not be afraid of the sun.

Many people have heard from others and read in medical articles about how harmful the sun’s rays are and that the action of ultraviolet can have a negative effect on the body, can cause skin cancer and other terrible diseases. This is true, but only applies to cases of prolonged exposure to the sun during the hours when it is very active. Of course, daily tanning, burns and redness will not benefit your health. But daily exposure to the sun for 30-40 minutes helps normalize cholesterol, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and hormones. Hormones are responsible for most processes in the body. For example, increased secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone and cortisol can cause arterial hypertension. For some reason, hormonal problems are considered women’s problems. But a man’s body also works thanks to hormones; they are just a little different. In addition, the sun triggers the production of vitamin D, which strengthens bones (facilitates the absorption of minerals, especially calcium), improves fat metabolism, mood and stress resistance.

  1. Add more greens, vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Despite the fact that most of them have a sour or bitter taste and seem unpalatable to some, they must be in the diet in sufficient quantities, because they contain vitamins, minerals, water and fiber, which are necessary for the functioning of the heart and the good condition of the vessel walls and the body’s control of cholesterol fractions. The lack of these substances leads to poor health, diseases (for example, atherosclerosis, and arrhythmia), weakened immunity and metabolic disorders. But remember that although a healthy diet is important for the treatment of diseases, it is also necessary to take certain medications, for example, Arrow-Simva for atherosclerosis or Inderal for arrhythmia.

  1. A minimum of medications.

Today, even doctors do not recommend abusing medicines. For example, every person is periodically sick with acute respiratory syndrome. This is not a consequence of weak immunity, but rather training for it. If a person allows the body to overcome the disease on its own, helping it by drinking liquid to remove toxins, it will not only make immunity stronger, but also promote the health of the heart and blood vessels. Do not forget that antiviral drugs (and there are almost no effective ones among them), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have an effect on platelet aggregation, causing the formation of blood clots, fluid retention and increased blood pressure. Therefore, take the medicine in moderation, and if you do not know how to do it, contact your family doctor.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep at night, not during the day. At night, the human body begins to produce all the necessary substances for recovery, and starts regeneration processes. After each day, a person needs recovery, and lack of sleep does not allow these processes to be fully carried out.