What is a cold and how to protect your body from this disease

Due to excessive hypothermia of the body, or some individual organs, various diseases may develop in the body. A cold is not an independent disease; rather, it is the initial stage of the development of a number of viral diseases, which include influenza, acute respiratory syndrome, etc.

A category of people who have a weakened body’s resistance to various disease-causing microbes is prone to colds. The cold itself, in some cases, can also affect some organs, severely damaging them. If the human body is often hypothermic, it can lead not only to frequent colds, but also to the deterioration of the condition of the nerve endings, which can subsequently negatively affect the state of health in general.

Each person is able to resist a cold infection in different ways. This is due to the fact that someone’s body is stronger, the person takes a contrast shower and warms up every day, and someone’s body is genetically weaker and the person does nothing to strengthen his immune system, so even the slightest exposure to cold air can provoke a whole a number of diseases caused by various microbes and bacteria.

The first signs of colds are:

– chills;

– runny nose;

– headache;

– excessive sleepiness;

– cough.

In order to avoid any colds, first of all it is necessary to ensure that the feet are always warm. If you failed to protect your body from infection by microbes and the initial signs of the disease appeared, you must immediately start treatment. In winter, it is recommended to first take a flu test, because if it is this disease, you need to take special antiviral drugs, such as Tamiflu or Relenza.

If it is a common cold, it is enough to use the following methods that prevent the further development of diseases:

  1. The first and most effective method of fighting a cold is to drink half a glass of water with a spoonful of lemon juice and garlic. This will prevent infection of internal organs in the body;
  2. Next, it is necessary to ensure that the feet are dry and warm. Rub, massage your feet, and then put on socks;
  3. Then it is necessary to warm up the whole body. Dress to keep you warm or cover yourself with a blanket and watch your favorite movie;
  4. To warm the body from the inside, it is necessary to drink hot tea, with the addition of a ginger-honey mixture prepared in advance;
  5. The most important thing, for any cold disease, is sound sleep. Nothing can help a sick person get better like a rested body. It must be remembered that any patient needs to lie down most of the time. Thus, a person gives the body the opportunity to rest and gain strength to fight the infection.

How to prepare a honey mixture?

In order to prepare such a mixture, it is necessary to grate 75 g of peeled ginger, and then add it to 1 glass of honey and boil it over low heat. This mixture should be added half a teaspoon per cup of tea. You should not add sugar to tea.

If you do not overcool yourself, you can avoid colds. A person needs to take care of his health, because it depends only on him.