GI tract

Vegetables for the GI tract

There are many vegetables, but it is impossible to choose one of them, which will be the most useful for the GI tract. There is no single list of plants that will be useful for absolutely everyone. But on the other hand, the most useful vegetable for the intestines is a vegetable that contains fiber, that is, all of them. Without such substance, a person will not be able to live even a year, as he will have intestinal motility disorders, bile secretion pathology, constipation and many other problems. This is how the human body is arranged. But there are certain recommendations on where to get the most valuable vegetables.

Choose vegetables according to the season. Ripe vegetables are the most useful, as they do not cause heartburn or other unpleasant symptoms. If you have heartburn, it is better not to eat fresh vegetables for a while, instead you should take such drugs as Lanzol Relief or Losec.

If transportation takes a long time, then such vegetables lose their value for health because histamine accumulates in them and because of this, symptoms imitating food allergies may appear. Therefore, vegetables grown in your own garden are ideal. But imported vegetables can be useful if they do not contain chemicals that are often used during transportation. They are used so that vegetables can be delivered to consumers in good condition. In winter, imported vegetables do not differ from local ones, because useful properties are often lost during storage, and imported vegetables contain chemicals. It should be remembered that if you consume local products, it can harm your health. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether it is better to eat imported or local fruits and vegetables.

The amount of useful substances in a vegetable depends on the soil in which it grew. If there are few minerals in it, then there will be few of them in vegetables and vice versa. Unfortunately, soils around the world have been significantly depleted over the past few decades. Therefore, if you have your own garden, be sure to fertilize the soil before planting plants, thanks to this you will get the maximum benefit from the products.

It is known that useful substances necessary for the GI tract are lost during cooking. But the mineral composition almost does not change. However, if you fry vegetables so that they turn black, then both minerals and vitamins are lost. In addition, such a dish will be harmful to the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and the whole body. Therefore, it is better to steam or boil.

The human body is arranged in such an interesting way that when it lacks certain substances, it “hints” that it is necessary to eat a certain product. For example, if you want any vegetables, you have constipation, then most likely you consumed little fiber and at the moment vegetables are the most useful product for you. And when you really want apples, tomatoes, pomegranates, therefore, there is a lack of iron in the body.