Medications that you need to take on vacation

When we are going to vacation, we think about many things: how to choose a swimsuit, take a panama or a cap, where to buy an inflatable circle for a kid, with whom to leave the cat at the time of absence. But it’s not about diseases, cuts, and poisoning. But such possible circumstances also require attention¬†

You must take medications that you take on a regular basis. Never hope for “lucky” and “buy on the spot.” Not always the pharmacy is near, and in them – necessary medications. And then your vacation can turn into a marathon to find the right medicine.¬†

Pain. It can find everywhere, and when we do not expect it at all. This may be a toothache, muscle pain in the event of stretching and injury, spasms of smooth muscles. So take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs: Brufen, Spazmalgon, Meftal, Apo-Diclo, Narrofen, Pentalgin.

Also, nobody is immune to damage: wounds and cuts. For such cases, it will be appropriate to bring with you rapid disinfectants and antiseptics for such wounds: chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or diamond green solution, bactericidal patch, and ointment for the earliest wound healing.

Food poisoning. Our intestine is a very sensitive organ, it responds to all changes in the diet. As a result, diarrhea often occurs on vacation. Even there is a special diagnosis of “diarrhea of travelers”. So you need to be prepared for this and have drugs to improve the digestive system. In case of poisoning use absorbents: activated charcoal, polyfepan, as well as drugs that help fight diarrhea: loperamide, azithromycin. And remember that sometimes poisoning can be provoked not only by the stale food but also by the rotavirus infection. Therefore, it is better to use enterofuril in this case.

If you know that on a holiday you absolutely forget about your diet and allow yourself some extra food, then take care of this in advance. To do this, bring with you enzyme preparations: mesim, festal.

Allergic reactions. Such reactions may be quite unexpected. Suddenly, the very tropical flower that you will see for the first time in your life can be the cause of your unexpected allergy. Be sure to take antihistamines with you. And if you are allergic, you may want to bring an EpiPen.

Cold. Anyone can catch a cold at any time, so be sure to take anti-inflammatory medicines for a trip. Take proven drugs that have proven themselves well. It is maybe Paracetamol, Tera Fluke, Coldrex, Ferveyx, Flucold, Antigrippin. In addition, remedies for a runny nose (naphthyzine, rhizosphere, etc.), cough (bromhexine, ambroxol, mucoltin), and sore throat (Strepsils, inhalations, etc.) will be appropriate, depending on what you start to suffer during a cold most often. If you are not lucky and your condition does not improve, then you can save your vacation by finding the antibiotic you need on time. Remember about it.

And now it is about additional means of protection and preservation of the health. Bring with you Sodium Sulfatsil Drops, which will help stop eye infections in a timely manner if you catch an infection and an ophthalmologist will not be nearby; remedies for nausea, if you are going to travel a lot with different types of transport.