Causes and methods of treating the problem of hair loss

Hair loss is one of the main and most common problems of humanity.

Loss, as well as growth, is absolutely natural processes of an organism. There is a daily norm of hair loss – 60-100 hair per day. If the loss is above the norm – you need to think about why this happens. Excessive hair loss is associated with hormonal disorders, physical or emotional overload, stress, diet, lack of trace elements, careless handling with hair (hair dryers, high alkaline dyes, chemical waves, etc.), hereditary predisposition, etc. It occurs both in men and women.

In elderly people, hair loss is due to age-related changes in the skin and it is naturally as gray hair and general aging of the body. Otherwise, baldness in men and women is often caused by hormonal problems and diseases.

The most common form of alopecia is androgenetic hair loss, which occurs due to the adverse effects of dihydrotestosterone (male hormone) and age-related changes. In this case, the disease is called baldness by the male type, and most men suffer from such androgenetic regional hair loss.

Alopecia begins with the appearance of the high temple on the forehead or loss of hair on top of the head. Over time, baldness increases. The cycle of hair development in this area of the head is broken and eventually stops. The number of hair is reduced, the duration of their life is reduced, they gradually cease to grow, and there is baldness.

In many cases, careful care helps to slow down or prevent baldness.

Of course, in the case of hair loss, you can use folk medicine, but it is better to pay attention to professional products that solve this problem.

Currently, the market is rich in various products for improving hair growth and against loss hair, but how to pick up the right product? There are also shampoos, and sprays, and ampoules, as well as the latest developments in the form of a patch. Which method of treatment you choose – it is not important, the main thing that the products must work!

If you choose a shampoo – remember, it should not contain heavy metals and various high-aluminum agents, and if it is as natural as possible – it’s better. A good shampoo does not necessarily have to produce abundant foam.

Some shampoos (such as Anaphase Shampoo) contain the active ingredients Nicotinate Tocopherol and GP4G. These shampoos work by stimulating microcirculation in the scalp and revitalizing the hair bulb cells.

If you prefer to rub solutions or sprays – also pay attention to the composition and saturation of the products. Good examples are Mintop Forte, Regaine, Tugain Solution.

If you are a supporter of new developments, then you will have to feel the Patches – plastic transdermal products.  They will nourish the bulb, and in addition to reducing the loss, will stimulate the growth of new hair.

In general, if you are facing a problem with the appearance of alopecia, know that science is ready to help you, but only the systematic application of these products can affect the outcome!