Gastrointestinal Health

6 Easy Tips for Gastrointestinal Health

The desire for a healthy and fit body is inherent in all individuals. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles often hinder rather than facilitate the achievement of this goal. However, with determination, you can change your life and health for the better. It is important to note that the first organ system, the health of which should be paid attention to, should be the gastrointestinal tract. Ancient doctors advised to focus on what benefits the stomach and intestines and make it a pleasant habit. This approach is the key to the health of the whole body. Each step towards better health of gastrointestinal tract should be taken gradually, only moving on to the next step once the previous one has become a habit.

Step One:

To avoid feeling drained and stomach diseases, try adding a nutrient-rich smoothie to your daily diet. It doesn’t matter when you have it—whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. Blend fresh or frozen fruits with juice, and add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil along with a generous amount of your favorite greens like cabbage or spinach. Make this smoothie a permanent part of your diet.

Step Two:

Eat vegetable salads every day. It’s not just tomatoes or cucumbers. Give preference to a salad of various raw vegetables and greens. Do not forget to add fresh garlic, turmeric and pepper; they have many beneficial properties for the gastrointestinal tract.

Step Three:

Learn to breathe properly. Deep breathing, allowing your stomach to expand on inhale, can prevent constipation, significantly boost stamina, mental clarity, mood, and be useful for efficient elimination of toxins. With proper breathing, more toxins are removed through the pores, urination and defecation.

Step Four:

As you add daily smoothies and salads into your diet, you will notice a significant improving the health of the gastrointestinal tract. This healthy eating pattern will become a habit that brings enjoyment. When you feel better, it’s time to eliminate processed foods filled with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, fructose, and other harmful chemicals. These additives not only lack nutritional value but also pose risks to your health of stomach.

Step Five:

Increase your intake of raw foods, aiming for 80% natural products in your diet, with a greater emphasis on vegetables rather than fruits. Consume them throughout the day and continue enjoying the salads mentioned earlier.

Step Six:

Consider detoxifying and balancing your gut ecosystem. While the salads mentioned earlier contribute to this process, it’s beneficial to include fermented dairy products that restore the intestinal microflora and provide essential vitamins.

Follow these simple tips and your gastrointestinal health will improve significantly. But remember, if you have stomach diseases, for example, gastritis, then you must consult a doctor and take drugs (such as Solox or Rabicip) that prevent the progression of the disease and relieve such an unpleasant symptom as heartburn.