healthy lifestyle

10 rules of a healthy lifestyle

Nowadays, many people have come to understand that because of low-quality food and stress, a healthy lifestyle is necessary. This topic began to gain popularity. Understanding the information on this topic is not easy or takes a lot of time. Let’s consider simple but important rules that will help to get excellent health.

  1. Give up bad habits.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, consumption of harmful foods, and even more so drugs, are among the most harmful habits that certainly reduce life expectancy and have a negative impact on health.

  1. Naturalness.

The less you use hair dye, nail polish, cosmetic products with a lot of chemicals, the better it is for your health. It is better to use more natural alternatives – henna for hair dyeing, regular manicure, etc.

  1. Eat chocolate.

Despite the belief that all chocolate desserts are harmful, you should eat chocolate more often. Natural chocolate contains many antioxidants that are good for health and prolong life by fighting free radicals. And they are one of the most serious threats.

  1. Cholesterol.

A high level of cholesterol is one of the causes of premature aging, as well as a significant deterioration in the quality of life due to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Visit your family doctor and, if necessary, take timely measures – follow a healthy diet, take hypolipidemic drugs such as Atorlip or Bezalip Retard SR.

  1. Exercise regularly.

Thousands of studies on this topic have confirmed that an active lifestyle and physical exercises are one of the factors that allow you to maintain your health. This is one of the most important rules.

  1. “Get to know” your DNA.

Most diseases are genetic or develop in genetically predisposed people. Therefore, find out what diseases your relatives suffered from in order to understand what points you should pay attention to. But let’s note that genetics affects the state of health by 20-25%, the rest depends only on you.

  1. Replace cappuccino with tea.

Black coffee is useful due to the presence of antioxidants. But when it is combined with a large amount of fresh milk, the benefit is significantly reduced. Many people do not understand how harmful coffee with milk is for adults. Replace your favorite cappuccino with tea, it is much healthier.

  1. Do not drink carbonated drinks.

For a person who has a passion for sweet sodas, this can become a problem at the initial stage, but gradually you can get rid of this habit. These drinks, especially unsweetened ones, harm health and shorten life expectancy due to the many diseases they cause.

  1. Regularly visit a doctor and take tests.

This is the most important point. Modern methods of diagnosis and methods of treatment make it possible to cope with many, even very serious diseases at the initial stage of their development. Therefore, do not ignore preventive medical examinations to preserve your own health.

  1. Replace white bread with whole grain bread.

Whole grains and durum wheat pasta are much healthier than refined white flour. Whole grain bread helps control sugar levels, which protects against diabetes, and also contains fiber.