Type 2 diabetes

The second type (insulin independent diabetes mellitus) is characterized by increased or normal production of insulin hormones, but in this case, the problem is that the cells of the body do not perceive it, and for this reason, glucose cannot enter into the cells. Such insensitivity to insulin cells is called “insulin resistance”.

There is another type of disease. It happens when a defective hormone develops, which is not able to communicate with the cells since their receptors cannot “see” it. The fault of this rejection is the wrong structure of insulin.

Causes of type 2 diabetes

The reasons for the second type diabetes mellitus are a lot number, and to be more precise, this is a set of factors.

  1. Heredity. If one of the parents has second type diabetes mellitus, then the probability that the child would also fall ill would reach forty percent.
  2. Ethnicity. It is known that Asians, African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans are at risk, as they are more prone to this ailment.
  3. Excessive body weight. Systematic overeating, eating refined foods (sweets, pastries, chocolates, etc.), night snacks, an insufficient amount of vegetable fiber (vegetables and fruits) on the menu increase the chance of developing second type diabetes mellitus.
  4. Hypertension. The risk of getting sick is increased in those who suffer from high blood pressure.
  5. Hypodynamia. Excess weight and deterioration of metabolism, which can lead to diabetes mellitus, often can be caused by a lack of motor activity.

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus

The first signs of diabetes can be similar for the first and second type. The development of this ailment can occur in a hidden form and only after a while people are paying attention to the first signs of diabetes: frequent urination, chronic fatigue, dry mouth, decrease in sexual activity, etc.

Many people do not suspect that such conditions may indicate that a person has diabetes. It is worth considering the symptoms and signs of diabetes, depending on the type.

The symptom of type II diabetes mellitus includes the above features and is supplemented:

  • weakness and irritability;
  • high pressure
  • numbness of limbs or tingling in the area of fingers;
  • nausea, often accompanied by vomiting;
  • dry skin, itching,
  • bad healing of wounds;
  • urinary tract infections (especially candidiasis).

Can I Cure Diabetes?

No matter how we would like to report the opposite, but diabetes of any type – a disease for all life. You can improve the quality of life and minimize the manifestation of symptoms, but get rid of diabetes will not work. It is very important to observe all orders of doctors and not to engage in self-medication. Then, in some cases, the patient can achieve a complete absence of symptoms of diabetes.

Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes

If you talk about how to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus, then the drugs are prescribed in different directions. Among them, drugs that increase the susceptibility of cells to insulin: Amaryl M, Glyciphage, Prandial M 0.2.