RA is a rather serious disease, which is just a few years can turn a completely healthy person in an invalid. It is known that rheumatoid arthritis belongs to the category of autoimmune diseases. It develops in a simple scheme. Different types of leukocytes, due to the influence of some factors, begin to rapidly destroy the tissues of a patient`s own joints. They are damaged, and after a while, erosions appear on the surface of the articular cartilage. To a lesser extent, tendons and ligaments are affected. Over time cartilage may be completely destroyed.

The pathology is characterized by chronic progressive inflammation of the synovial joints. In most cases, this process extends to the legs, knees, joints of the hips and arms. The disease affects the cartilage, bones, and joints, they deform. In severe forms, systemic manifestations pathology of vessels, skin, muscles, and heart are possible.


If you know which causes develop rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, as a rule, do not cause any particular difficulties. In addition, this information allows with a certain probability to prevent the further development of the disease. Its prophylaxis is usually based on the prevention of provoking factors.

The etiology of the disease has not been studied to the end. Experts have identified a number of factors that together can cause disease. The leading role belongs to heredity.

In the normal state, white blood cells must kill the alien elements; among them are bacteria, viruses, cancer cells. If the body has a defect in the immune system at the genetic level, the white blood cells gradually lose the ability to recognize the “good” and “bad” elements.

In close relatives, the tendency of the immune system described above is transmitted. It can be implemented in the form of a disease. The probability of rheumatoid arthritis depends on the degree of genes kinship, as well as the impact of some environmental and endogenous factors.


As a rule, the main one’s medications prescribed by a doctor do not eliminate pain and other symptoms of the disease. They are designed to stop the further development of the disease. The positive effect of using drugs is visible only after a month of treatment.

Immunosuppressants (such as Wysolone) are widely used in therapy. These drugs are aimed at the oppression of the body’s protective forces. Due to the fact that they can lead to oncology, many are afraid to apply. But this is a false fear. For the treatment of arthritis small doses are used, that`s why side effects occur very rarely.

In some cases, patients have prescribed sulfanilamides. These are antibacterial drugs that suppress the growth of pathogenic micro flora. The likelihood of side effects is very small. But their effectiveness is slightly lower compared to immunosuppressants.

Positive dynamics of treatment can occur only after six months of treatment.