Premature ejaculation

According to statistics, from twenty to thirty-five percent of men of childbearing age regularly suffer from early ejaculation, and if those who occasionally are confronted with this problem are taken into account,  the number will turn out even more significant – up to 55% of the male population. That is why the problem of treatment of premature ejaculation is of great interest to the medical community.

The causes of the occurrence of such a phenomenon as early ejaculation and its mechanisms are studied until now. Paradoxically, but until recently, despite the widespread prevalence of premature ejaculation, there was not even a single definition of this phenomenon. Only in recent years, the international medical community dealing with sexual problems has proposed a single, scientifically grounded definition, according to which premature ejaculation is a violation of male sexual function, in which ejaculation always or almost always occurs before entering the vagina, or within the first minute after it. Also, worries, changes in sexual behavior, up to the abandonment of sexual contacts and other behavioral abnormalities that arise as a result of such violation are the signs of this pathology.


Despite the fact that the problem of early ejaculation is still at the stage of the study, some information about the most frequent causes of its occurrence exists.

Premature ejaculation is conditionally divided into primary and secondary. The criterion for correlation with one or another category is the time of the occurrence of this violation. So the primary premature ejaculation manifests with the first sexual contact and has not passed over time, it is independent of the sexual partner and other external factors. As a rule, in such cases the emergence of early ejaculation is associated with the peculiarities of the nervous system: a man may not be able to control his excitement, which leads to the very rapid ejaculation.

Reasons for the occurrence of secondary early ejaculation are more diverse. It occurs after a certain period of normal sexual activity and, as a rule, is a symptom of pathology. Causes of premature ejaculation may be various injuries and diseases of the central nervous system, it may be a consequence of metabolic disorders or appear after a delayed inflammation of the genital organs. In addition, the development of premature ejaculation can lead to various disorders of mental health.


The drugs from the group of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Poxet) have been well proven for the treatment of premature ejaculation. In the past, these drugs used only for the treatment of depressive states, but it was noticed that they have a peculiar side effect: due to the slowing of the spread of excitation in the cerebral cortex, the achievement of orgasm under the influence of these drugs significantly slows down. In addition, these drugs have a beneficial effect on depressive and anxiety states, which often are in patients who suffer from too rapid ejaculation.