How to improve vision in 7 days (5 tips)


Exercise № 1. “Relaxation”

This exercise is used to relieve eye strain caused by working on a computer or for other reasons not related to the exercise.

The exercise is as follows: covering the eyes with eyelids, apply folded palms to the face. The right palm is applied to the right eye, and the left, respectively, to the left (fingers on the forehead intersect in the area of ​​the “third eye”). The exercise is performed until the desired comfortable sensations are obtained.

Exercise № 2. “Pendulum”

Pendulum exercise helps to improve visual acuity, as well as to develop the habit of moving the eyes.

The exercise is as follows: in daylight, choose an object for exercise. It is most convenient to use a readable inscription of a large enough size (for example, a store sign or a poster of advertising or other content) as an object. Blink, focus on the object and start moving your eyes like a swinging pendulum, trying to continue to focus on the object as much as possible. When the image becomes blurred, blink again, wait until the object becomes clear again and continue the exercise. The time of the exercise is unlimited, do it while you are comfortable.

Exercise № 3. “Swing”

Exercise “Swing” is used to achieve the same goals as exercise No. 2. The difference between the exercises is that the mobility of the gaze is achieved not by eye movements, but by the head.

The exercise is as follows: first we choose the object for the exercise (the requirements for the object are exactly the same as in exercise # 2). When selecting an object, blink, focus on the object, and, shaking your head from side to side, try to keep the focus on the object as long as possible. If the image becomes blurred, blink again and continue to perform the exercise. The time of this exercise is also unlimited.


There are medications that can be taken to improve vision or to prevent it from deteriorating.

Bilberry with Lutein

Bilberry Extract is derived from the bilberry fruit and has been used for over half a century to maintain healthy eyes and vision. These capsules also contain Lutein which is the main carotenoid in the human eye. It exhibits an antioxidant effect, as well as a screening and absorbing effect. Bilberry and Lutein together can help with myopia, diabetic and hypertonic retinopathy, vision adaptation disorder to darkness, dystrophic retina disease, macular degeneration of retina and cataracts by improving photoreceptor functions, protecting the retina and lens from free radicals induced by light, and by screening and absorbing blue light from the central zone of the retina.


Bilberry-MIC contains dried bilberry extract and anthocyanidins. Bilberry extract is an excellent supplement for maintaining good eye health. It provides anti-oxidants to the eye and increases vascular support. This can enchance visual clarity and retinal function. Bilberry-MIC can be used to treat eye fatigue, poor night vision, age-related vision problems, red or itchy eyes, and eye strain.

The health of your eyes depends on the nutrient supply from the blood from the blood. Dried Bilberry Extract improves vascular delivery to the eye which increases the nutrient supply.

Free radicals can damage your eyes. Bilberry-MIC contains anthocyanosides which deliver antioxidants to the eye, helping to limit the amount of free radicals and reduce damage.