Eye protection and sunglasses

Sun protection is not complete if you do not wear sunglasses. And this should be done not only in summer. Today, sunglasses are not only a stylish accessory, but also a must-have. And you should carefully choose this detail of your style. When choosing sunglasses, filter them by lens type, frame shape, color, technology and material to find the best option.

Types of glasses

Sunglasses can be divided into three groups. These are cosmetic glasses that are quite a stylish accessory, but will not protect you from harmful UV radiation. Although they will not cause harm. The second type of glasses – with the usual protection. These glasses are designed for summer when sun activity is high. But when going to hot countries or mountains, choose glasses with a high degree of protection.

Eyeglass lenses

Whatever glasses you choose, the lenses of the glasses can be made of glass, polycarbonate or acrylic plastic. Glasses with glass lenses are best. The disadvantage of such glasses is their fragility. Plastic lenses are practical and inexpensive, but can be harmful if they do not have a special coating that does not transmit ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, behind the darkened lenses, the pupil dilates and transmits harmful UV rays that can damage the retina.


Wearing glasses with colored lenses, you can hardly see the world in any particular color. Colored lenses only slightly change color. But if you notice in the new glasses that the colors of the world are too bright, then most likely you are wearing a fake. The best lens colors are dark gray and dark green. If you drive a car, choose glasses with brown or gray lenses. Discard the pink and blue lenses.


Plastic frames are fragile. There are plastic frames reinforced on the inside with metal inserts. The nylon frame bends when pressed and returns to its original state.

The color of the frame can be chosen similar to the color of your hair.

Black, blue and green frames are suitable for blondes. A frame with a leopard and crocodile pattern or a frame of bright emerald color will look chic.

Silver, gold or metallic frames are well suited for brunettes.

Glasses with purple frames, light green, blue or olive color are well suited for brown-haired women. Glasses with bronze or gold frames will look great on brown hair.

Special signs

Since ultraviolet rays are of two types – A and B, the glasses should indicate how many percent and from which rays they will protect your eyes. The numbers are shown as a percentage. Also, labels of branded glasses report the wavelength of the rays and the refractive index. Also pay attention to the number for nanometers. The maximum figure for maximum eye protection is 400 nm. Glasses can also be marked in accordance with international standards.

When choosing glasses, pay attention to all the details, hold the glasses in your hands. Check the rigidity of the frame and be sure to try on the glasses. And it is best to buy glasses in specialty stores. This way you will know that you have bought not only a fashion accessory, but also protection for your beautiful eyes.

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