be beautiful

7 simple tips that will help you be beautiful

Imagine how one day you get up in the morning, take a bath, and realize that you are incredibly beautiful, it couldn’t be better. Is it real without being a Hollywood celebrity? Yes! All you need is regularity, desire and responsibility.

So, the number one tip is to start taking care of your body from the inside out. In the morning on an empty stomach, you need to eat a spoonful of flax seeds, drink a glass of warm water, and half an hour later have a healthy breakfast. Such a remedy as flaxseed perfectly cleanses the body, normalizes the condition of the skin, strengthens hair and nails.

The second tip is the prevention of anemia. Eat foods rich in iron – meat, offal, spinach, beets, etc. Some of these products should be in the diet every day. The consumption of these foods is an important component of maintaining a normal level of hemoglobin, which is the key to the proper functionality of all internal organs.

The third tip is to eat nuts. At least fifty grams of almonds or cashews will bring great benefits to your body. After two weeks, you will notice that nails, skin and hair have become much better.

If you have made the above three tips a habit, you can proceed to the following tips.

The fourth step in improving your appearance is facial care. Every day before going to bed, you need to make a mask of pharmacy glycerin and vitamin E. How is such a mixture prepared? Mix ten capsules of vitamin E with thirty grams of glycerin. So that there is no unpleasant sticky feeling on the face, wet it a little with tonic. But do not overdo it, so as not to wipe the top layer of the useful mixture. Your skin will look healthier; wrinkles will slowly disappear, because the skin will receive enough moisture and nutrition. But some skin problems and wrinkles may require medication, for example, Demelan (reduce the appearance of fine lines wrinkles) or A Ret HC (treatment of darkened facial skin).

The fifth tip is simple, but not cheap. Use amaranth oil. It is rich in such compounds as squalene, vitamins C, B, E. All these substances are necessary for the beauty and health of the skin. This oil is absorbed very quickly and is great for getting rid of not only wrinkles, but also scars, stretch marks and even burns. Using this oil daily, rubbing it into the skin of the face and body, you will quickly improve its condition.

An important part of skin care is foot care. Therefore, the sixth tip – every evening after taking a shower, when you go to bed, rub your feet with oil with the addition of a few drops of peppermint oil. Then put on socks made of natural fiber on slightly dried feet and go to bed! The skin on your legs will regenerate, renew, and soften faster, and you will feel confident both on the beach and in the pool.

Seventh tip – use self-made scrubs. Mix sea salt with sour cream or yogurt. Such a scrub will soften the skin. Also, after two weeks of using this mixture, you will get rid of rashes, because salt disinfects the skin.