5 tips how to live comfortable with psoriasis

  1. Get rid of stress.

Psoriasis and stress are incompatible things. For many people, serious emotional stress becomes a trigger for psoriasis. To eliminate neuropsychic tension, it may be worth taking courses of sedatives. It is best to give preference to herbal remedies. You should consult with your doctor to choose the appropriate medicine. Also, in such cases, a professional psychologist can help.

Except that, the psychological stress, our body can feel physical stress. Staying outside for a long time in cold and dry weather is a real stress for any type of skin. Using skin moisturizers will   help to cope with such kind of stress. It is also recommended to use humidifiers at home. In addition, cuts, bruises and other mechanical damage will be stressful for the skin. Thus, it is better to avoid doing traumatic sport.

  1. Change your lifestyle.

To prevent psoriasis from getting worse, you need to change you lifestyle. It is important to organize a work and rest schedule, full-fledged sleep, and physical activity. And if you have overweight, then doing sport (first of all cardio training) is necessary.

It is very important to choose the right professional field. With this disease, you should not be engaged in activities that are connected  with constant trauma for the skin, influence with allergenic factors, as well as neuropsychic overload.

People with psoriasis should avoid alcohol and smoking. Bad habits aggravate the course of the disease. It is important to remember that the way we live greatly affects on our health. Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to successful treatment of psoriasis.

  1. Choose healthy food.

Junk food affects our health day after day, gradually worsening it. Nutrition should be balanced, and the diet should contain a sufficient number of vitamins and minerals. When you are planning your diet, you can rely on the healthy eating plate compiled by Harvard University. It is better to check with your doctor what you can and cannot eat if you have psoriasis.

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly.

It is recommended to have a shower every day. You can use soft cleansers, preferably with oils or cream ingredients. Do not use products with fragrances or aggressive acidity. They can irritate the skin, and some people may even have an allergic reaction.

When you take a shower or bath, you should not use scrubs, hard sponges or other products with abrasive parts. And after water procedures, it is important to apply emollients on the skin so that it becomes smooth, moisturized, and don’t sloughing off. Emollients can be used as often as the skin requires. Also be sure to regularly apply medicated creams such as Betnovate and Dermol.

  1. Protect your body from infections.

To prevent new exacerbations, you should pay attention to existing chronic diseases. Because of infectious diseases, immunity decreases, and the clinical manifestations of psoriasis becomes more pronounced. Try to prevent the acute phase of the infection from becoming chronic. Chronic diseases greatly complicate treatment. Therefore, it is important to visit a doctor promptly.