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EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide)

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EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) - 200mL EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) - 200mL

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Active Ingredient

Oatmeal / Chitosanide


Gopaldas Visram





What is EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) used for?

Episoothe(Oatmeal/Chitosanide) is a shampoo used to treat dogs, cats, or horses with sensitive, dry, or flaking skin. It operates by absorbing toxins from the skin and forming a protective barrier on the skin and hair to prevent further irritations from causing these symptoms. It is normally used as a long-term treatment and may take several applications before the desired effects occur. Your veterinarian may also recommend its use for the treatment of other unlisted conditions.

How should I use EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) ?

Follow your veterinarian's instructions while using Episoothe (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) to get the best results from treatment. It is normally administered as a shampoo when bathing your pet once or twice each week. To use the medicine rinse the animal's hair to remove any dirt or loose skin, apply a small amount of shampoo, create lather, and distribute it evenly over the body. You are suggested to allow the medicine to soak for five to ten minutes prior to rinsing it off. Prevent the shampoo from contacting your pet's mucous membranes such as the eyes or mouth as this may lead to unexpected health problems.

What are the side effects of EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) ?

The use of Episoothe (Oatmeal/Chitosanide) will not typically cause any side effects in most pets. Stop using the medication and contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any worrying side effects occurring such as vomiting, severe diarrhea, deterioration of skin conditions, or signs of an allergic reaction such as skin rashes, swelling, or difficulty breathing. These conditions may require changes to your pet's frequency of administration or emergency medical attention in serious cases to prevent more health problems from occurring.

Please Note

It is recommended you bring your pet in for a medical check with your veterinarian before using Episoothe (Oatmeal/Chitosanide). This will ensure it does not have any conditions that may cause complications while undergoing treatment. It will also allow any adjustments to be made to prevent this from occurring.

Strictly follow all instructions provided to you by your veterinarian or pharmacist while using Episoothe (Oatmeal/Chitosanide). Optimum and safe dosage can differ based on the pet and the condition being treated.

As this medication may be unsafe for certain pets, it is essential you always inform your veterinarian if the animal is used for breeding, or has any allergies, other illnesses, or ongoing health conditions, as well as if it is being given any other form of medication, supplements, or herbal products.

Immediately seek emergency medical care if the pet has an allergic or hypersensitive reaction. Common signs of a reaction include hives, swelling, skin rashes, chest pains, as well as trouble breathing or swallowing.

EPISOOTHE (Oatmeal/Chitosanide)