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Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium)

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Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium) - 10mg (28 Tablets) Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium) - 10mg (28 Tablets)

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Active Ingredient

Rosuvastatin Calcium







What is Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium) used for?

Livercol is most commonly prescribed to people with high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) to help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It should be used in conjunction with improved dietary habits, weight loss, and increased exercise levels. Rosuvastatin isn't a substitute for engaging in good lifestyle, it should be taken along with a helthy lifestyle.

Rosuvastatin works by blocking an enzyme in the liver, which reduces cholesterol production. Rosuvastatin also improves the body's ability to breakdown any cholesterol the liver makes and releases into the bloodstream.

How should I use Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium)?

Livercol is a tablet form of rosuvastatin. Take the tablets orally. You will need to take Livercol daily, however dosages vary. The lowest dose is 5 mg per day. In some cases your doctor wll prescribe a higher dosage (10 mg, 20 mg or up to the maximum of 40 mg per day). A low starting dose is often favoured, to try to achieve the best results with the least amount of medication. If necessary, the dose will be bumped up at intervals to the maximum. Never change the dosage of Rosuvastatin without being advised first by your doctor.

What are the side effects of Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium)?

Nausea and vomiting can be a side effect when you start to take Livercol. If you experience this, you can try to take Rosuvastatin after eating. Try to take it early in the day if you notice signs of insomnia. Other common side effects reported when taking Livercol include fatigue, headaches, and irritability.

If you notice any of the beloe side effects, tell your doctor immediately as they can be more serious:

  • changes in the color of your urine
  • unusualt muscle pain
  • memory loss and confusion

Please Note

If you have or have had liver or kidney problems, Livercol should not be used as it can cause further complications. Drinking alcohol while taking Rosuvastatin is not recommended - it can reduce the effectiveness of the drug and can also increase the risk of liver problems.

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant Rosuvastatin may not be a suitable treatment for you. If you become pregnant while taking Livercol tell your doctor immediately. Women who are nursing can pass Rosuvastatin along to the infant and it can be harmful.

Livercol (Rosuvastatin Calcium)