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Finax (Finasteride)

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Finax (Finasteride) - 1mg (30 Tablets) Finax (Finasteride) - 1mg (30 Tablets)

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What is Finax (Finasteride) used for?

Finax (Finasteride) is a male pattern hair loss treatment. This drug can slow down the loss of hair and help new hair to grow on the scalp in men affected by androgenic alopecia. It works by blocking the activity of an enzyme in the body (5-alpha reductase), which in turn stops a certain type of hormone (DHT) from being formed. As this hormone is considered to play a key role in the loss of hair, preventing its formation helps to slow down and reverse baldness, and can even lead to the growth of new hair. This medicine is also used to treat urination problems caused by an enlarged prostate (BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia).

How should I use Finax (Finasteride)?

Finax (Finasteride) comes in the form of tablets, which are administered orally. All patients must first go to see their physician. After a full medical assessment, the appropriate dosage may be prescribed, taking into account the patient`s medical history and the condition being treated. If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate, your physician may prescribe a dosage consisting of 5mg per day. The hair loss dosage is different, and men treating this condition are usually told by their physician to take 1mg per day. If treatment is stopped, the balding process will continue and any hair that has been regrown will be eventually lost.

What are the side effects of Finax (Finasteride)?

Patients taking Finax (Finasteride) may sometimes experience side effects, such as:

  • Dizzy sensation
  • Swelling of the breasts
  • Soreness of the testicles
  • A decreased volume of semen ejaculated
  • Problems achieving or maintaining an erection

Tell your physician about any side effects you notice. If any serious reactions occur, immediate medical care will be required.

Please Note

This medication is not considered effective for female hair loss, and is only prescribed for use in adult male patients. Women who are pregnant must never handle the tablets. This is because the active ingredient may be absorbed through the skin, which could seriously damage the unborn baby.

If you notice lumps on the breast, a discharge from the breasts or pain affecting the breasts, see your physician immediately as this could be a sign of male breast cancer.

Finax (Finasteride)